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Save money by outsourcing your bookkeeping needs. We provide remote accounting and bookkeeping services for individuals and small businesses. Your time is valuable and better spent managing and marketing your business. Offering flexible and affordable off-site services tailored to fit your business needs.


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Janine Christensen is founder of Simply Bookkeeping. Over the years she has worked as a bookkeeper for accounting firms and as a bookkeeper for several small and medium companies.

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Simply Bookkeeping specializes in flexible and effective solutions for small business bookkeeping.  We have years of experience working with small businesses.  From our experience, we understand the dilemma many small business owners face.  Most small businesses don't have the need for a full time bookkeeper.  We offer a simple alternative solution of remote bookkeeping, a convenient and cost effective means of maintaining your books. We are dedicated to making your books work for you, providing financial insight into your business and maintaining excellent bookkeeping records that are tailored to your individual business needs.

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